ESLs :

1. What colors are available ?
ESL has three colors , white , black and red .
2. What is the working temperature ?
The operating temperature is 10-40 celsius degrees .
3. What type of battery ?
It is CR2450 button battery .
5. How many batteries per label ?
The 1.54 inch have one battery,
2.13 inch and 2.9 inch label have two batteries,
4.2 inch label have 4 batteries.
6. The technical specification of ESLs :
Size 1.54 inch 2.13 inch 2.9 inch 4.2 inch
Colors Black, white ,red Black, white ,red Black, white ,red Black, white ,red
Resolution 200*200 104*212 128*296 400*300
Battery volume 600mAh 1200mAh 1200mAh 2400mAh
DPI 188 130 112 119
Working temperature 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃
Display active(mm) 27(H)*27(V) 48.55(H)*23.7(V) 29.06(H)*66.9(V) 84.8(H)*63.6(V)

Freezer ESL :

1. What colors are available ?
ESL has two colors , white and black .
2. What is the working temperature ?
The operating temperature is -25 - 25 celsius degrees .
3. What type of battery ?
The 2.13 inch label is CR2450 button battery .
4. How many batteries per label ?
The 2.13 inch label have two batteries .
5. How long is the battery life ?
If the label update 3-4 times per day , the battery can last 4 years .
6. The technical specification :
Resolution 104*212
Battery volume 600mAh
DPI 112
Working temperature -25–25 ℃
Display active (mm) 23.71(H)*48.55(V)

Base station :

1. How many labels can a base station control ?
The maximum quantity is 2500 labels .
2. What is the recommended quantity ?
The recommended quantity is 2000 labels .
3. What is the coverage of the base station ?
The coverage is 60 meters ,the semidiameter is 30meters .
4. What is the communication technology between base station and labels ?
It is bluetooth 5.0 technology .
5. Is it a POE version ?
Our base station don’t support POE for now , but the next version will add POE .
6. Is it possible that one label managed by more than one base station ?
Usually the label will communicate with the base station with the best signal , it will not be a fixed base station . if only one base station in the store , it will be managed by that base station .
7. What is the required connection speed in Mbps ?
The connection speed between base station and labels is 1M .
8. The technical specification of base station :
Input voltage DC 5V
Working frequency 2405-2480MHz
CPU frequency 580MHz
Connection rate 10 ⁄ 100M

Software license for ESL System :

1. What is the licensing model ?
Wre charge by store .
2. How long is the license valid ?
We charge annually .


1. What OS is supported ?
It support android OS , we will offer PDA with app , but our PDA app can’t work on mobile phone .
2. The technical specification of PDA :
OS Android 7.0
CPU ARM Cortex–A53
Wireless communication Wifi ,Bluetooth 4.0
Memory 2G+16G
Battery 4000mAh
Camera 800W
Screen 4.0 inch TP
IP Class IP67
Netcom 4G

ESL software system :

1. Is it based on cloud or local ?
Our software supports both , If chain store , you can install our software on your own cloud , if single store , you can install it on your local sever .
2. If it can be on prem… it is work with database? If so which database?
It can work with MySQL database .
3. What kind of security method does your system use ?
Our system uses 128-bit AES with secure key exchange .
4. What are the login options for the system? (it is support SSO, AD etc…?)
Our system supports SSO .
5.What kind of report the software can offer? (BI,etc…)
If want to get business insight , the system have to connect to your ERP or POS system first , we need to get the data from them ,then make an analysis and statistic .
6. What are the configuration requirements for the server computer ?
OS version Window 7 or greater 64–Bit
CPU i3 or greater
Memory 4GB or greater
Storage capacity 20GB or greater

ERP Integration :

1. What are the method of integretion ?
We support ERP integretion , both API and CSV file are ok .
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