1. What colors are available?
ESL has three colors, white, black and red.
2. What is the working temperature?
The operating temperature is 10-40 celsius degrees.
3. What type of battery?
It is CR2450 button battery.
5. How many batteries per label?
The 1.54 inch have one battery,
2.13 inch and 2.9 inch label have two batteries,
4.2 inch label have 4 batteries.
6. The technical specification of ESLs:
Size 1.54 inch 2.13 inch 2.9 inch 4.2 inch
Colors Black, white ,red Black, white ,red Black, white ,red Black, white ,red
Resolution 200*200 104*212 128*296 400*300
Battery volume 600mAh 1200mAh 1200mAh 2400mAh
DPI 188 130 112 119
Working temperature 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃
Display active(mm) 27(H)*27(V) 48.55(H)*23.7(V) 29.06(H)*66.9(V) 84.8(H)*63.6(V)

Freezer ESL :

1. What colors are available?
ESL has two colors, white and black.
2. What is the working temperature?
The operating temperature is -25 - 25 celsius degrees.
3. What type of battery ?
The 2.13 inch label is CR2450 button battery.
4. How many batteries per label?
The 2.13 inch label have two batteries.
5. How long is the battery life?
If the label update 3-4 times per day, the battery can last 4 years.
6. The technical specification:
Resolution 104*212
Battery volume 600mAh
DPI 112
Working temperature -25–25 ℃
Display active (mm) 23.71(H)*48.55(V)

Base station:

1. How many labels can a base station control?
The maximum quantity is 2500 labels.
2. What is the recommended quantity?
The recommended quantity is 2000 labels.
3. What is the coverage of the base station?
The coverage is 60 meters, the semidiameter is 30meters.
4. What is the communication technology between base station and labels?
It is bluetooth 5.0 technology.
5. Is it a POE version?
Our base station don't support POE for now, but the next version will add POE.
6. Is it possible that one label managed by more than one base station?
Usually the label will communicate with the base station with the best signal, it will not be a fixed base station. If only one base station in the store, it will be managed by that base station.
7. What is the required connection speed in Mbps?
The connection speed between base station and labels is 1M.
8. The technical specification of base station:
Input voltage DC 5V
Working frequency 2405-2480MHz
CPU frequency 580MHz
Connection rate 10 ⁄ 100M

Software license for ESL System:

1. What is the licensing model?
Wre charge by store.
2. How long is the license valid?
We charge annually.


1. What OS is supported?
It support android OS, we will offer PDA with app, but our PDA app can’t work on mobile phone.
2. The technical specification of PDA:
OS Android 7.0
CPU ARM Cortex–A53
Wireless communication Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
Memory 2G+16G
Battery 4000mAh
Camera 800W
Screen 4.0 inch TP
IP Class IP67
Netcom 4G

ESL software system:

1. Is it based on cloud or local?
Our software supports both, If chain store, you can install our software on your own cloud, if single store, you can install it on your local sever.
2. If it can be on prem… it is work with database? If so which database?
It can work with MySQL database.
3. What kind of security method does your system use?
Our system uses 128-bit AES with secure key exchange.
4. What are the login options for the system? (it is support SSO, AD etc…?)
Our system supports SSO.
5. What kind of report the software can offer? (BI, etc…)
If want to get business insight, the system have to connect to your ERP or POS system first, we need to get the data from them, then make an analysis and statistic.
6. What are the configuration requirements for the server computer?
OS version Window 7 or greater 64–Bit
CPU i3 or greater
Memory 4GB or greater
Storage capacity 20GB or greater

ERP Integration:

1. What are the method of integretion?
We support ERP integretion, both API and CSV file are ok.
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